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Clash Of Clans obstacles Halloween Introduit

Supercell est lui-même se déguiser et aller dans votre quartier, mais il n'y a pas de menace de trucs ici. Clash of Clans ne reçoit rien mais traite cette saison d'Halloween.

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Le dernier aperçu de la prochaine mise à jour vient de courtoisie de forum Supercell mod Anoushka. Le nouveau patch, pour ainsi dire, se penchera sur les plaintes des joueurs de perdre le gain de productivité pendant les pauses occasionnelles de maintenance. Or, ces retards ne sont pas le plus important de pertes de temps, mais c'est un jeu construit entièrement sur ​​le temps qu'il faut pour faire les choses.

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Caserne, usine de sorts et augmente Hero vont maintenant être automatiquement mis en pause pendant les pauses de maintenance. Le coup de pouce n'est pas automatique après le match va en ligne et les joueurs doivent taper sur le bouton "Reprendre" pour maintenir l'élan en cours (sans frais supplémentaires).
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Augmentations de ressources ne sont pas affectés. Parce que vous ne devriez pas les utiliser de toute façon! (sérieusement, économiser les gemmes pour attraper les constructeurs). Pour les raiders de haut niveau, cependant, il s'agit d'un spectacle de bienvenue. La patience est une vertu dans Clash of Clans, mais que la base ennemie doit parfois détruire maintenant et vous n'avez pas le calme à attendre des heures et des heures pour vos troupes à la fin.

Le sort d'usine sera également obtenir un coup de pouce 1 Gem à partir de quand la mise à jour frappe (espérons-le début de la semaine prochaine) jusqu'à l'Halloween.
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En outre, vous pouvez maintenant augmenter tous les bâtiments (y compris les mines d'or et Elixir extracteurs) de la même unité avec un seul bouton, si vous choisissez.

Il est certainement un régal de Supercell plaisir de taille. Il ya quelques changements cosmétiques à des arbustes; buissons seront désormais citrouilles et crânes seront à nouveau suspendus dans les arbres! Plus viendront demain. Espérons que c'est quelque bonté pleine grandeur.

Découvrez Galadon de Clash of Clans attaques de voir les changements à venir.

vineri, 26 septembrie 2014

Clash of clans tutorial

During the day the developers at Supercell must implement the update of September in the strategy game on mobile. Last week already, the studio announced a number of things to come in the game.
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Let's start with the very latest announcement: a new unit to the black barracks Clash of Clans, the "hound or lava Lava Hound", although it looks more like a gargoyle that spits fire, short, aside from these details, this unit flying can resist his pyromania and scorched the air defenses nearby. The mastiff lava is very much damage, however he does not have many hit points. When he died, he broke into several pieces that will be transformed into mini-hounds lava, attacking nearby buildings. To get it, you have a black level 6 barracks and City Hall Level 9 Speaking of black barracks, it will gain a level and increase to six.
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To continue the theme of buildings, the archer will turn at 13 and the walls will be buildable in full pants and not unity. At level six, they will be upgradeable with elixir instead of gold.

Certainly, the level rises as barbarians and archers also go up to level 7 developers Clash of Clans also looked on the balance of play, and the improvement of some features.

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For update 09/07: L unfortunately Application Android Keyboard seems to have disappeared from the Play Store. No doubt that Google is behind it. That said, it is always possible to procure format. Apk from an alternative market.

Google unveiled Android L, the next version of the OS at the Google I / O June. For the first time, a version of Android is entitled to a beta phase. It relates course developers, and especially their appointed end - namely Google Nexus range. Indeed, Android L is available in its dress Developer Preview on the Nexus 4, Nexus and Nexus 7 5 (2013). Other smartphones can wait quietly until the fall.
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Install Android L, a risky procedure

Until then, only people who will deign to install Android on their The Nexus will enjoy. But the task is not easy for them either. Indeed, it must first overcome a number of security before installing the OS as hoped. Unlock the bootloader and rooter mobile for connoisseurs. The maneuver is not without risks. Especially L Android is still in beta. It is therefore unstable and far from successful. Installation is not recommended for the average user would have no real interest in installing Android L.

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The Android Keyboard is an application to install the Android keyboard L

Nevertheless, it is legitimate to satisfy his curiosity. Difficult to take a look at Android L without taking risks, but less drastic solutions exist. Thus, applications incorporating elements of future OS are already appearing on the Play Store. Obviously, some are more convincing than others. Among the best of the genre, there is The Android Keyboard. Developed by Shen Ye, the application contains every feature design native Android keyboard The Developer Preview. The tuners are also preserved, as well as the built-in dictionary - in French.
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The Android Keyboard is not an official application but works perfectly. No problems at all. Moreover, it is totally free, that you ask for!

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Metro Radio

What a week to start at a local radio station as 'Britain's most wanted man' is being hunted in your area.

For those of you out of the UK, this is the story of Raoul Moat who's wanted on suspicion of a triple shooting. Yesterday it forced police to effectively lock down a small rural village.
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I've just started three months overseeing the news team at Metro Radio in Newcastle.

The journalists have risen to the challenge of covering this story amazingly well. They're putting in hard work and extra hours to produce some outstanding coverage. But more than anything, they've shown they really care about doing the best job.

Its one of those situations local radio simply has to deliver on and I think we're doing that.

A couple of the team have even appeared on Sky News. Here are their appearances.

My Big Annoucement

Well, for the past six weeks or so I have had an incredible time heading up Bauer Radio's news services in the north east of England where I'm based.

I've been backed by a great management team including an MD and Programme Directors who understand the value of news and who're giving me the freedom to create new content.

I've been working alongside a collection of hard working and talented young journalists who proved themselves to me within hours of my joining Bauer in their response to the Raoul Moat story. I'm already very proud of them.
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Together I believe we all have the potential to create a unique news product for commercial radio in UK. Already I feel we've made some progress in achieving this.

So, with all these positives in mind, I'm delighted to say that I have agreed to take on the role full time. 
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It of course ends some relationships with clients of my business. I want to take this opportunity to sincerely and wholeheartedly thank the radio and other organisations that have hired me. It's been an incredible 18 months travelling the UK and Europe meeting so many different people but such a rich role close to home is hard to turn down.