miercuri, 25 iunie 2014

Metro Radio

What a week to start at a local radio station as 'Britain's most wanted man' is being hunted in your area.

For those of you out of the UK, this is the story of Raoul Moat who's wanted on suspicion of a triple shooting. Yesterday it forced police to effectively lock down a small rural village.
Clash of clasn hack
I've just started three months overseeing the news team at Metro Radio in Newcastle.

The journalists have risen to the challenge of covering this story amazingly well. They're putting in hard work and extra hours to produce some outstanding coverage. But more than anything, they've shown they really care about doing the best job.

Its one of those situations local radio simply has to deliver on and I think we're doing that.

A couple of the team have even appeared on Sky News. Here are their appearances.

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