vineri, 26 septembrie 2014

Clash of clans tutorial

During the day the developers at Supercell must implement the update of September in the strategy game on mobile. Last week already, the studio announced a number of things to come in the game.
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Let's start with the very latest announcement: a new unit to the black barracks Clash of Clans, the "hound or lava Lava Hound", although it looks more like a gargoyle that spits fire, short, aside from these details, this unit flying can resist his pyromania and scorched the air defenses nearby. The mastiff lava is very much damage, however he does not have many hit points. When he died, he broke into several pieces that will be transformed into mini-hounds lava, attacking nearby buildings. To get it, you have a black level 6 barracks and City Hall Level 9 Speaking of black barracks, it will gain a level and increase to six.
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To continue the theme of buildings, the archer will turn at 13 and the walls will be buildable in full pants and not unity. At level six, they will be upgradeable with elixir instead of gold.

Certainly, the level rises as barbarians and archers also go up to level 7 developers Clash of Clans also looked on the balance of play, and the improvement of some features.

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